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The application of various types of electrode heads in welding parts

Time:2023-08-18 18:15:19 Click:41

There are also some differences in the application of different types of electrode heads, and their effects on different welding parts are different. Below, the editor will list spherical electrodes, eccentric electrodes, planar electrodes, and conical electrodes to see which welding parts they can be applied to have better effects.

1. Spherical electrodes - used for spot welding of light alloys and heat-resistant alloys.

2. Eccentric electrode - used for spot welding of workpieces with smaller overlap.

3. Flat electrodes are used for workpieces that require smaller surface indentation.

4. Conical electrodes - used for ferrous metals.

For the application of these welding components, it is necessary to choose the appropriate electrode type based on different welding components, in order to achieve better welding effects.