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  Suzhou Kefu Weier is a company dedicated to the production and development of automotive welding equipment, fixtures, and accessories. With high-quality products, strong technology, advanced processes, and effective management, we are based in the automotive welding market. It has Suzhou Kefuweier Welding Machinery Co., Ltd., Suzhou Kebesi Welding Machinery Co., Ltd., Suzhou Yijinmao Machinery Co., Ltd., Changshu Tongxin Machinery Factory, and Changshu Tongyi Welding Equipment Factory

  Suzhou Kefuwei Welding Machinery Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2005, with a factory area of 5000 square meters. The factory is located in Building 1, No. 26 South New Road, Shajiabang, Changshu. The company mainly producesResistance welding electrode and other copper alloy forming material parts, spare parts of various resistance welding guns, electrode arms, electrode rods, soft connections, conductive blocks, cablesEtc. With good welding professional knowledge, we provide customers with welding solutions and provide suggestions to solve their problems. Our product quality and performance have received unanimous praise from customers.