Welcome to Suzhou Carefulwelding!

Dedicated to the production and development of
automotive welding equipment


We advocate for services without after-sales service, which is the best after-sales service; We are confident that there will be no quality issues, even small ones.
We take inherent characteristics such as safety without hidden dangers, energy conservation without consumption, green environmental protection, and easy installation as our fundamental principles.

1、 Supply Commitment

Deliver goods and provide services in strict accordance with the schedule specified by the Buyer to ensure that the project is completed on schedule.

The product shall be labeled with "manufacturer, after-sales service telephone number, sales date" and other contents, so that users can contact our company in time.

According to customer needs, we can cooperate with construction, guide installation, and even train a group of personnel who can independently complete maintenance tasks for user units, ensuring that the project is completed on time and with quality.


2、 Quality Commitment

The company promises to strictly follow the contract requirements and national standards for all products from raw material procurement to production process, and to prevent cutting corners and submitting unqualified products.

The company promptly provides reasonable explanations and rectifications for quality issues raised by customers.

Our company will compensate users for any losses incurred due to product quality issues



3、 After sales commitment (beyond the warranty period)

    Our company has an after-sales service center at its headquarters to provide convenient services to customers from all over the country.

    Personnel engaged in after-sales service have received training in professional knowledge and operational skills, possessing a strong level of business knowledge, practical experience, and good professional ethics.

    The company has established a "Product Quality Record" system, which stores all customer records using our company's products on computers, and has dedicated personnel to regularly conduct customer follow-up and telephone contact.

    In terms of service time, our company has extended its regular service time to 24 hours, 7 days, and no holidays, in order to achieve customer resolution of problems in use and provide technical consultation for products in the shortest possible time.